NVGADO Artist and Designer, Diego Galeano


A passion for art was rekindled in 2019, bringing to life a talent that was dorment for 25 years. Since its inception, NVGADO has brought raw and unique designs inspired by urban music, street life, and the beauty of Latin American people and their culture.

NVGADO is an apparel brand that values exclusivity and quality. The unique designs of each piece are designed with intention and its apparel is carefully chosen with comfort and style in mind. Each piece of NVGADO apparel tells an ongoing story, one that starts with the designer and continues with the person who wears each piece. 


The name NVGADO comes from my native town of Envigado, Antioquia; located south of Medellin, Colombia. I was born and lived there until my family immigrated to Toronto, Canada in the 70’s. I’ve been fortunate to experience the birth and evolution of many styles of urban music, which have consistently been a staple in my day to day life, inspiring and energizing me. 

As such elements inspire and fulfill me, I take pride in inspiring and empowering others through my designs. I am Diego Galeano, creator and owner of NVGADO.

NVGADO About - Artist and Designer, Diego Galeano